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Google and Kagi

Read about Google deciding to force feed us more AI summarization instead of offering us more nuanced search settings and improving their search results.

Cory Doctorow on this subject:

Was reminded of that paid alternative I bookmarked months ago. Kagi, was it? Heard it cut down on a lot of bloat currently present with Google. Might be time to switch.

Did a bit of research. Turns out this search engine is just as deeply mired in the business of AI. Currently their search results seem to remain clean and their machine summarization seems to remain optional, but more AI dependency and more AI development also seem to be on the horizon. Which is understandable, but not what I am looking for. Add to this the founder's certain views and actions, and Kagi is a no go for me, at least for now.

Iori on this subject:

Disappointing. I suppose my search (heh) for a better search engine continues.